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Let’s Go to the Movies

Paris is a movie lover’s paradise:  lots and lots of cinemas, playing everything from big budget American blockbusters to small art house films from around the world.   And if your French is a bit shaky, you can still enjoy films in VO (version originale) whether that be English or some other language with subtitles in French.   Unfortunately, most American animated movies for kids are shown in VF (version française) or only shown in VO in the evenings.

Movie tickets, however, aren’t cheap.    Full price tickets go for about 10€ with supplemental fees for 3-D movies.  Dinner, a movie, and a babysitter will definitely cost you.  But there are a couple of deals to know about:

  • The first show of the day is almost always a deal with tickets in the 5 to 6€ range.
  • While in the U.S., kids have to be under 12 to get a reduced price ticket, most movie chains offer reduced price tickets to those under the age of 18.  The MK2 chain offers further reductions for those under 10.
  • Look into buying a card for 5 showings rather than single tickets.  For example, the UGC chain offers a card good for 5 showings during the week at about 30€, and another offering 5 showings any time at around 40€.  If you’re with a group, you can buy one of these cards and use all the showings in one fell swoop.  (But check the details:  the MK2 card can be used by 1 to 3 people only.)  These cards have an expiration date so make sure you have the time to use it before buying it.
  • If you’re a serious movie buff, consider a monthly subscription.  The UGC chain offers UGC Illimité, all the movies you can see for 19,80€ per month (35€ for the card for two).  This card is honored as well as by the MK2 chain as well as a host of independent theaters.
  • Several times a year, movie tickets are reduced to 3.50€ for a three-day period.

For what’s showing this week, consult:

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