Audience Participation Time

Dear Readers:

We’ve been getting lots of great feedback here at Posted in Paris:  traffic is up (way up!) as are Facebook “likes” and complimentary comments (both on-line and in person).   A thousand thanks to all of you!  And if you’ve been enjoying what you’ve read here, now it’s time for you to pitch in.

Now if this were public radio, we’d be interrupting the programming every 20 minutes to beg for money and a handful of you would dutifully shell out your 20 bucks and get the mug and the satisfaction of being a solid citizen.   We don’t need money but we still could use your support.  Posts are in the works on a variety of topics from doctors and dentists to extracurricular activities for kids to French language schools and even weekend trips from Paris.  The problem is that the copy is a bit thin or geographically patchy.  So if you’ve had a good experience with a health professional;  your kid is enjoying dance, art, or le foot; your French is picking up due to a dynamite teacher, then pass along the tip either by leaving a comment here or by sending a quick e-mail to  Addresses and phone numbers for the places or people you are recommending are an absolute must so be sure to include those.

And if there’s any other tip you’d like to share with other Posted in Paris readers, feel free to pass that along as well.  Favorite Paris book?  Best place to get knitting supplies?  A secret source for Dr. Pepper?  Thoughts on the best cell phone provider?  We’re counting on you!


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