Reaching the American School of Paris by Public Transportation

The American School of Paris is located in the western suburb of St. Cloud.  There are two options for reaching the school by public transportation from the city of Paris:  the SNCF train which stops in Garches-Marnes La Coquette and the bus which stops in front of the school.

By train:   If you live in the upper 16th or western part of the 17th, take the métro to La Defense, the last stop on line 1 to the west.  At La Defense, exit the métro system and look for signs for SNCF, suburban trains.  Using the same ticket you just used for the métro (see below), enter through the SNCF turnstile and take the train in the direction of St. Nom La Breteche. 

If you live in the eastern part of the 17th, the 8th or the 9th, you will take the train from Gare St. Lazare.  Exit the métro system, come up to the street, and go into the main train station.  Hanging onto the same ticket you just used for the métro, board the train marked St. Nom La Breteche. 

Get off at Garches Marne La Coquette.  Exit the station to the street.  Turn right and walk down the road until you reach ASP, about a 7 minute walk.

You can buy a ticket in any Paris métro station that you can use for both the subway ride and the SNCF train.  If you are using a kiosk:

  • select a ticket for “billets Ile de France, RATP, SNCF” 
  •  at the next prompt, select, “Billets region Ile de France au depart de cette gare”
  • at the next prompt, select the letter “G” and scroll down to “Garches Marne La Coquette”
  • the final prompts ask whether you want a full fare ticket and how many.  

The SNCF train to St. Nom la Breteche runs relatively infrequently (about every 30 minutes during the middle of the day, more during rush hours).  Trains run more frequently to St. Cloud since you can take either the train to St. Nom la Breteche or the one to Versailles Rive Droite.  If you get off at St. Cloud, you can catch the 460 or 467 bus (see below) to the school.  It is definitely too far to walk.  If you get off at St. Cloud, you need a new ticket for the bus (a regular metro ticket will do.)

By bus:  If you live in the lower 16th, 15th, or 7th arrondissements, take the métro or bus to the end of line 10, Boulogne-Pont de St. Cloud.  If you take the métro, take the exit marked “Musee Albert Kahn.”  The bus stop for the 460 (Traverciel: La Celle St. Cloud) and 467 (Rueil Malmaison RER) is on the north side of the street.  If you take a bus (for example, the 52), get off at the stop, Quai du 4 Septembre, and wait for the 460 or 467.  You will need an additional ticket for the second bus since it goes into zone 3.  Get off at Porte Jaune which is directly across the street from the school.  When you make your return trip to school, make sure you get on the bus at the stop nearest to the lower school because both the 460 and 467 service  stop there.  The stop nearest the front entrance is served by only one bus.

The 460 and 467 run frequently at rush hours but only half hour during the middle of the day. 

You can calculate your own itinerary with exact times by going to www.


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