If you’ve ever taken a taxi, you probably think you know the drill in Paris.  Well, sort of.  Like everything else, the folkways and legalities of traveling by taxi in Paris may be just a bit different than those in your home town.  Fortunately, Heather Stimmler Hall, longtime Paris resident and author of both the blog, Secrets of Paris, and the Naughty Paris, has all the details in her informative post: What You Don’t Know about Paris Taxis.

One thing that Heather mentions but bears repeating is that, if you call a taxi to pick you up, the driver is allowed to begin the meter from his point of departure, not from where he picks you up.  Heather mentions that this may be as much as 5 euros; I’ve seen it as high as 16 euros.    Moral of the story:  if you have the ability to get to a taxi stand and you are confident that taxis will be there, do so.


Listing of all taxi stands in Paris


3 responses to “Taxi!!

  1. Yes! I called a taxi to get to the train station once and the meter read 10 euros when I got into the cab. Needless to say, I argued in vain with the driver when he asked me to fork over 20 euros at the end of my ride. Lesson learned!

  2. Taxis are both, the most wonderful and most irritating things in Paris. I’ve had drivers actually refuse to take me to certain sections of the city because they weren’t going that way. I’ve also had drivers drive half-way across the city, turn around and go the opposite direction, because they misunderstood where I wanted to go and they didn’t charge me the extra fare.

  3. I took a few hours on Google and researching a bit about “Taxi or Cab service” worldwide and the rules that differ from one country to another, the fares, city regulations, and even the danger we all can face at times. But I haven’t found a great resource for “Cab drivers” to share their experiences, tips etc.. if you know of any, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you

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