Posted to Paris?  Lucky you!  Whether you’re just starting to make plans for the move or you’ve been here awhile, this site is meant for you.   Unlike other guides to Paris, this one focuses on the practical questions of daily life in the City of Light.   Need an English speaking physician?  Running out of milk on a Sunday and your corner market is closed?  Want to go away for the weekend but leave Rover behind?  We’ll try to provide the tips and recommendations to make your transition to life in the City of Light a success. 

Come back regularly as we build our treasury of answers to your most pressing questions.

4 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Hello, I just wanted to thank you for another great site. We are moving from England to Saint Germain en Laye in September so it’s been helpful looking at the different categories about living in the Paris area.
    I do have one question, which is: How easy/difficult is it to rent an appartment if you have a (small) dog?
    He’s quite old but we will obviously have to bring him with us – thanks.
    By the way, I also enjoy your daily blog.
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks for reading Sharon. Parisians love their dogs so I’m guessing that a certain number of apartment owners do too. It’s a good question though and one which I will look into more carefully for a future post.

  2. Hi! Great site. We are planning to move in a year so your blog is bookmarked and I’ll be checking back frequently.

    Sharon – we have found a site for furnished rentals that allows you to search for pet-friendly apartments http://sublet.lodgis.com/en/paris/recherche/
    Hope this helps!

    We decided to go for a furnished place for the first 6 mos so we can get our bearings. I’ve done cross-country American moves several times, but moving to a new country is a whole different animal.

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